Terms & Conditions

Mulch for Sale

  1. Delivery of Leaf Litter Mulch may require up to 7 days based on availability and your specific location.
  2. Leaf Litter Mulch is composed of various types of tree species, including palm trees.
  3. There may be a presence of palm material within the mulch mix but we do try to avoid this.
  4. It is possible to order Leaf Litter Mulch without palm content, though this may lead to extended delivery times and additional fees.
  5. To confirm an order of Leaf Litter Mulch with Brisbane Tree Removals (BTR), credit card information must be provided, but charges will only apply once delivery is complete.
  6. Bookings for delivery are contingent upon weather conditions; adverse weather may necessitate rescheduling.
  7. BTR retains the right to reschedule without prior notification and is not liable for delays due to unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Leaf Litter Mulch will be delivered only if conditions are suitable (flat and firm ground, clear of obstructions like wires) at the discretion of the delivery driver.
  9. To facilitate delivery, customers can mark the drop-off location with visible markers such as boxes or pots, or provide photographs or drawings.
  10. BTR disclaims liability for damage to underground utilities unless the customer specifies their locations before delivery.
  11. Cancellations or inaccessible delivery sites leading to undelivered Leaf Litter Mulch will result in a charge of $80 to the customer.

Website Terms & Conditions

Service Execution and Client Agreement

  1. Brisbane Tree Removals (BTR) will perform services as outlined in the Proposal, subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Client, who acknowledges having read and accepted these terms.
  2. Pricing is as stated in the Proposal. Modifications or additional services requested will incur extra charges. In cases where unforeseen circumstances necessitate extra equipment or expenses for safety reasons, client approval is required for additional costs. Full payment is due regardless of additional approvals. Written agreement from BTR is necessary for any deviation from these terms.
  3. The Proposal remains valid for 60 days. Should the client request revisiting the site for an updated or additional Proposal within 6 months, a fee will be charged unless due to BTR’s error.
  4. Proposals beyond 60 days but within 6 months may attract a 10% additional charge; beyond this period, a new Proposal and requote are necessary.
  5. Initial consultations are included in the Proposal, but detailed assessments may require a separate fee.
  6. Services are typically scheduled in a single visit, unless stated otherwise. Should access issues or unexpected conditions prevent completion, BTR may need to reschedule and requote.
    Proposals reflect the risk, access, and complexity of the job rather than crew size, which may vary.
  7. A 50% deposit is required at booking, with the balance due upon job completion. Alternative payment arrangements must be confirmed in advance.
  8. Clients are responsible for clearing the work area. BTR is not liable for damages resulting from moving objects or clearing the site.
  9. The Proposal is based on the condition of the site at the time of assessment and is subject to change based on subsequent conditions.
  10. Provided visuals like sketches are illustrative and not intended for technical use.
  11. Client must provide reasonable access to the site for BTR to perform the scheduled work. All materials produced remain BTR’s property unless otherwise requested by the client.
  12. Clients must ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and permit requirements before work begins.
  13. BTR cannot be held liable for access-related damages or other uncontrollable factors.
  14. BTR prunes trees to the Australian cutting standard AS 4373 Pruning of Amenity Trees.
  15. Liability for topped or improperly pruned trees at the client’s request lies with the client.
  16. Indirect losses or expenses arising from contract breaches are not BTR’s responsibility. Liability for breaches is strictly limited to direct damages, not exceeding the contract value.
  17. Stump removal costs are separate unless included in the Proposal. Challenges like embedded metal may affect the completion of stump grinding.
  18. Brush and tree debris removal pertains only to material directly resulting from the contracted services.
  19. Weather may affect scheduling; BTR is not responsible for delays caused by weather or other uncontrollable events.
  20. Cancellations require one business day’s notice; shorter notices will incur a fee of 20% of the quoted value.
  21. Should on-site issues delay work start, charges will apply. This does not include rain or anything out of the customers hands.
  22. Payments are due in full upon work completion, with specified terms for certain clients like real estate or educational institutions.
  23. Late payments attract fees and interest charges.
  24. The client will bear recovery costs for overdue payments.
  25. Terms apply equally to all clients, regardless of the number of individuals involved.
  26. Invalid or unenforceable terms will be modified to maintain the validity of the remaining terms.