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Why Remove that Stump?

Leaving the stump after lopping a tree is not only an eyesore and potential hazard… it is an invitation for white ants to make a new home for themselves. If the stump is left to decay, root rot may well set in and the related fungus may affect surrounding vegetation.

Although it seems like too huge a task to remove all above-ground evidence of the now non-existent tree, this is not the case for professional and skilled arborists with access to the appropriate equipment.

Stump Removal

Most stumps may be removed with stump-grinding machinery, however, other techniques may be called for, in particular situations. Access to the stump may limit the use of machinery, or the size of the stump itself may require a different tact. At Brisbane Tree Removals, we have the experience, knowledge base and equipment to handle all manner of stump grinding and removal.

If you would prefer to handle the stump removal process yourself, there is always the option to manually dig the major roots and tree trunk out of the ground. This may require the use of a chainsaw or other equipment to break through the larger roots holding the stump in place, and can be very dangerous. Another option for stump removal may be the application of stump removing chemicals, which will hasten the decay of the stump. None the less, it still takes a long time for the stump to decay and disappear. Some people try to burn the stump after such treatment, but this is quite dangerous and we do not recommend it.

Brisbane Tree Removal arborists are committed to leaving the worksite clean and clear and safe. This means it is our preference to complete each tree lopping with the removal of the stump. Depending on access and size, stump grinding and mechanical digging and leveraging equipment will be used to ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. Our customers are always happy when the stump disappears along with the tree.

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